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What is Radical Evolution?

Radical Evolution is like Therapy 2.0 or personal growth on steroids. It takes you to your next level, and every variation after that. This space is for the humans who enjoy continuing to face themselves, up level themselves, and create the life of their dreams. 

You know that the only constant is change, so better get comfortable with facing the next iteration of yourself over and over and over again. 

Growth isn't one and done and it isn't optional. You've seen the result of people who don't do the inner work and you know you don't want to be that. 

This community offers a variety of videos, journal prompts, articles, guest speakers, live events, and more fun things to come that are all a part of your membership.

It has been a dream of mine to build a digital space for epic growth. 



No, don't come here to bitch and complain about your struggles in your life and expect virtual hugs and pity. GROSS

No. YOU are here to take RADICAL responsibility over your life. And to DO THE WORK required to CREATE the life of your dreams.

This place is here to serve your next up level if you chose to engage. 

Who the fuck is Stacey Steinmiller?

Stacey Steinmiller is a psychotherapist turned coach who is here to assist you on your path of EPIC transformation.

You desire to fully step into your power not dependent on externals such as status in career or relationships. 

You no longer wish to run from shame or try to force and control things in your life, yet you would, of course, love to experience deep connection and gratitude, making a profound impact in the world, and spend your time truly immersed in what you love instead of what you "should" be doing. 

Deep down you want to experience life as the celebration that you know it is, but feel lost on how to "make it happen."

Stacey brings together the best of  the therapy world, the coaching world, new age spiritualism and her wisdom of the human experience to help you with your specific goals for transformation, and cultivating the life beyond your wildest dreams.

I never realized that being a business owner all of these years was a creative endeavor. I now understand creativity to be the core of humanity. We are all here to bloom into the the flower of ourself. I am here to play "Stacey" and all that I allow her to be and expression. And you the same. I don't consider myself a painter, or a musician, but learning to prioritize time for my creative endeavors has allowed me a life and presence I never thought the be possible. 

I birthed this space to assist you to awaken or refine the powerful creator that you ARE. 

What is inside?

All content created inside is born of my intuitive knowing. I create what I know will serve.

The "courses" are not meant to be completed "in order" or in any particular time or fashion. I invite you to flow where you are called and move from there. If listening to something inspires you to move into yourself, your creativity, and out in the world then I have done my job. 

It is not about completion of the material - it is meant to be a North Star to come back into the power of your authenticity... (click that link to join the FB group where you can receive some content if desired). 

What ELSE is inside?!

This space is an evolving organism - alive - living - moving and breathing just like you and me. It is the art that lives within me, beyond me, in you, and beyond the world. It transforms as I transform, as the collective transforms. 

It is art. 

In addition to courses with particular focuses for self growth, I have monthly guest speakers, other interviews and live events and anything else that I decide to share. 

Members will receive special discounts on 1:1 sessions and other member perks. 

Membership Options

Membership costs $111 in which you receive access to everything in the community - no hidden costs. You are able to comment, ask questions, and receive the support from me to help guide you on your journey to your personal evolution. 

VIP package is $555 a month that includes the membership plus Voxer support - which looks like text and voice note support throughout the entire month that allows you to dive deeper into your conditioning and make bigger and faster shifts for you evolution. If it makes sense for us to hop from Voxer onto a zoom session to work through whatever your needing - that's all included. 

VIP spots are limited as they require more of me and I specifically make sure that I do not stretch myself to a place that would not provide you with the experience to bring you to your next stage of growth. 

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