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What is Radical Evolution?

Welcome to the online space that will epically support you in building a life from your own inherent worth and power. 

You desire to have it all - Love, Money & Freedom, without falling into chronic stress and overwhelm. You're working too hard for results that do not satisfy you. It's time to refine your energy and focus to a way that attracts your new life to unfold right before your very eyes.

You are intelligent, highly skilled and well educated, yet you seem to struggle with life. You think too much, trying to solve problems that you have no control over while simultaneously avoiding the very thing that needs attention in your life. 

I know because this has been ME. 

(read the about section below to find out why I am the best person to support you on your personal growth journey to greatness)


"The Stage" is the main space within this community that is FREE to anyone looking for community support and free tools that I have created or found useful from other resources (adequately given credit if it is not of my creation).

My vision is for you to get a taste of working with me could be like, while also receiving support and tools for growth and connecting with other like-minded individuals. 

Free Cohort until year END

Right now I am running a free group focused on goal setting, action, follow through and working through the mental and emotional junk that come up along the way! 

All recordings are available for replay by members. 

Your PAID Experience

Welcome to "The Dance" where we get to dive into the nuanced energy of yin/yang to refine your sweet spots in life. 

When we learn to live life as a dance - playing off each other both personally and in business, there comes a lightness to life that often gets left behind in adulthood. 

We get to learn to be present & playful instead of a serious buzz kill.

We also get to get shit done and experience our power. 

We are stable yet flowing gracefully and strong enough to lift each other up. 

Group Calls

Fall Course

The next course available in the community is called, The Power of Stillness and will begin on September 25th!! 

Each Season I offer a new course for us to go through together. The Course itself will last about a month, but you have 3 months to go through the material before I archive it and it is no longer available. 

Free Morning & Evening Journal Prompts for Download

Over on my website, radicallifecoach.com you can sign up for my e-mail list to receive these journal prompts to begin to start a small daily commitment to yourself. This is a great warm up for getting into my world. 

Taking a small amount of day for your personal growth is just as important as eating nourishing food, and moving your body. Healthy relationships and emotional groundedness are also imperative to living a good life - do not neglect these areas, in fact enhancing your focus on it will make life all the more sweeter. 

Sign up for the prompts today and you will also be signing up for a little bit of Stacey in your inbox here and there and can get to know more about me, what I do, and how I can best support you <3 

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Meet your guide

Stacey Steinmiller is a psychotherapist turned coach who is here to assist you on your path of EPIC transformation.

You desire to fully step into your power not dependent on externals such as status in career or relationships. 

You no longer wish to run from shame or try to force and control things in your life, yet you would, of course, love to experience deep connection and gratitude, making a profound impact in the world, and spend your time truly immersed in what you love instead of what you "should" be doing. 

Deep down you want to experience life as the celebration that you know it is, but feel lost on how to "make it happen."

Stacey brings together the best of  the therapy world, the coaching world, spirituality and her wisdom of the human experience to help you with your specific goals for transformation, and cultivating the life beyond your wildest dreams.

I birthed this space to assist you to awaken and refine the powerful creator that you ARE. 

Want to get to know me more?! Follow me on social media to hear more about me and what I do and even see some interactions with the people in my world. 

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Paid Membership

Sign up through this link: https://radicalevolution.as.me/schedule.php

1:1 Packages

VIP Support

Weekly 1:1 zoom sesssions + daily text and voice note support through an app called Voxer. 

No minimum commitment

Uplevel your life at the fastest rate possible with unbelievable support that helps you to master your energy for both ease and success and unimaginable levels!

Power Play

I am able to see through your mental and emotional blocks into the powerful and creative being that you are. 

With adding biweekly 1:1 sessions to your membership you will be able to dive deeper into the nuances of your growth and be able to learn how to move past your resistances and into aligned action that allows life to flow in ways you never thought could be possible! 

What Members Are Saying

The transformations that are occurring just from the membership alone are life changing! Do you find yourself not knowing what to say, how to think or what to feel? Are you constantly looking to the outside on how to be and worried about saying or doing the wrong thing? 

Not my clients anymore. They are leaning into being themselves and learning how to enjoy the company of them selves and ALLOW their own energy to flow through them as they soak in whatever experience is happening. These are the profound shifts that are taking place inside this membership community. 

Learning to discern what one can control and can't control seems trickier than it sounds because we often thing we have a lot more control than we do - and then when we don't have control, here comes the anxiety - more attempts to control! How fun! These are the nuances that I work with when it comes to my clients. This former client showcased here was working in 1:1 sessions in addition to being active in the group. 

You may be noticing a theme here with my clients, that worry and overthinking and learning how to be, let go, and allow are major themes that we work on both individually and collectively in the group. The client showcased here has been in a Voxer level package and has seen PROFOUND shifts over the past 6 months of working together. She feels she has changed more in this time frame than multiples years in her prior therapy treatment. 

Come inside and see for yourself. 

Schedule a FREE consultation call to explore the possibility of a 1:1 package!

Don't hesitate another day! 

Lets get started!