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What is Radical Evolution?

Welcome to the space that will support you in building a life from your own inherent worth and power. You desire to have it all without falling into chronic stress and overwhelm. You're working too hard and its time to refine your energy and focus to a way that welcomes in all that your heart desires. 

The 1st Monday of every month I host a a group coaching call focused on backing your goals with your energy and mastering this technique so that you are able to manifest all goals that you are after that is in alignment with your soul and true nature. 

The 3rd Thursday of every month I host a Masterclass Series: Moving from Power. 

I am covering topics such as: 

• staying connected to power/not abandoning yourself/body while shedding fear • how attachment brings us out of power and non-attachment back into power • living from a space of abundance • shedding conditioning around lack & fear • the energy of giving & receiving • unshakable self-worth• becoming unfuckwithable • creating and tolerating emotional space for yourself • continuous letting go/upleveling • moving beyond the mind

Replays and resources for each month's class are housed in a specific section on the network. 

Meet your guide

Stacey Steinmiller is a psychotherapist turned coach who is here to assist you on your path of EPIC transformation.

You desire to fully step into your power not dependent on externals such as status in career or relationships. 

You no longer wish to run from shame or try to force and control things in your life, yet you would, of course, love to experience deep connection and gratitude, making a profound impact in the world, and spend your time truly immersed in what you love instead of what you "should" be doing. 

Deep down you want to experience life as the celebration that you know it is, but feel lost on how to "make it happen."

Stacey brings together the best of  the therapy world, the coaching world, spirituality and her wisdom of the human experience to help you with your specific goals for transformation, and cultivating the life beyond your wildest dreams.

I never realized that being a business owner all of these years was a creative endeavor. I now understand creativity to be the core of humanity. We are all here to bloom into the the flower of ourself. I am here to play "Stacey" and all that I allow her to be and expression. And you the same. I don't consider myself a painter, or a musician, but learning to prioritize time for my creative endeavors has allowed me a life and presence I never thought the be possible. 

I birthed this space to assist you to awaken and refine the powerful creator that you ARE. 

4 Core Areas

Start with the inner work. Learning to meet yourself - all PARTS of yourself and how to meet them effectively in a way that ALLOWS for evolution instead of ways that actually impair our growth. 

It is not wrong or shameful to have shadow aspects of ourselves - it is learning to not act from this space and not believe in the lies that are being told. We learn how to recognize and understand the inner working of ourselves that allows us to make conscious choices to respond differently, ultimately creating a new reality - a new life. 

We are interdependent beings and learning how to create and repair interpersonal experiences and move them from struggling to thriving greatly impacts our life satisfaction. 

It is important to heal our wounds which in turn can heal relationships. We learn about what love is and what attachment is and we also learn how to take radical responsibility over ourselves and experiences a less dramatic yet more euphoric life. 

The peace we crave is already within us. This section is about "discovering" the present, loving awareness that already exists in us and is available to us at all times. 

This requires practice and discipline not just on the mat - as in meditation - but "off the mat" as well as in applied in real life. Here we begin to build upon the positives and seek solace within instead of from the outside. 

Moving into a higher state of consciousness, one of abundance, power and intuition requires the shedding of all conditioning that states otherwise. We are constantly letting go and going in to find out power and then acting from this place. We begin to uncover the truth of what is means to be human that lies within us. We are no longer fueled by external needs and resources, but rather we create our reality through going in and aligning our energy with our intentions. This radiates and expands outward through the interconnectedness of everything. 


Membership costs $111 in which you receive access to everything in the community - no hidden costs. You are able to comment, ask questions, and receive the support from me to help guide you on your journey to your personal evolution. 

VIP package is $555 a month which includes two 1:1 sessions with me and daily support via the Voxer walkie-talkie and text app. 

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