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It is hard being at the top. Running a business, leading people, creating a space of growth, innovation, and profits along side living your actual life can be an overwhelming tall order. Society is waking up to the need of high level emotional intelligence, mindfulness skills, interpersonal skills and nervous system regulation to cultivate an atmosphere that results in happiness and profits. Luckily, I have created multiple ways to support you in growing in these key areas in life for you to bring to your business and your home so that you are best supported as you continue on the pursuit of your dreams, impact, and service. 

Step into the most expanded version of yourself. Cut the stress & expand your nervous system to be able to hold the energy to materialize your dreams. Play with new levels of creation. Watch your life unfold into new possibilities. Experience love on epic levels. Lead your people with ease and watch them flourish into their own genius. Advance your levels of service and impact. Change the world from the inside out. 

The Next Level

Paid Participation 

1. Group Coaching Calls Weeks 1 & 3 of the month. This is an opportunity to work through your mental and emotional barriers that are keeping you stuck from your next level in your business and life. Receive active coaching from Stacey on action steps to take to move you into growth of yourself, your business, and your team. 

2. Practicing Presence. 2nd week of every month I will be leading a presence practice to guide you deeper into yourself, your own genius & wisdom to use in the development of your business and life. 

3. Creative Expression. The 4th week of every month I will lead a call on intuitive expression and creation to engage in a more active form of going within to your genius/creativity to then use in your work & your life. 

High Level Mastermind 

1. Weekly Group Mastermind Sessions - Members provide support to each other and brainstorm ideas for hot seat coaching style mastermind. 

2. Mindset and EI Training - Stacey provides weekly mindset and emotional intelligence training to support epic growth for entrepreneurs and leaders.

3. Community & Support - Private community specifically for this space for ongoing support between members to share wins, challenges, and ideas. 

The Futurist of Leadership

Stacey Steinmiller is a psychotherapist turned transformational leadership coach who is here to support you into developing yourself in order to advance into greater impact for you, your business, your family, and your community.

I'm here to play in this world FULL OUT. In the past which meant burning the candle at both ends, ignoring my intuition, and focusing on the outcomes that would please others and keep me in good standing. I lived with a tight grip around my own neck for the first 3 decades until I began to unravel. 

I know that you want to do innovative, impactful, and beautiful work in your lifetime. I also know that the world has tried to keep you in a box and it is easy to limit your expression, to deny your inner truth, and to kowtow to the authorities in a variety of aspects in your life. 

The most common way that humans try to give themselves more authority is to take control over as much as they can. This causes unprecedented amount of anxiety that is crippling humanity more and more every day. 

I am here to teach you how to rise into a powerful authority through radical responsibility and NOT through control tactics. 

Most people don't even realize that they are using control tactics because it is so natural to us. Everyone does it and it takes amazing self-awareness to make this fundamental shift. However if you are spinning your wheels, it's a sign you're off track and would benefit greatly from this work. 

By learning to embody this fundamental shift in your life, you will better be able to advance faster and father placing you in a beautiful position to be the most effective leader in your industry. 

Most people are hitting their own capacity which is unfulfilling because their foundation isn't actually set up for the success that their heart desires. 

I am here to close that gap by supporting you in building a foundation, with you mind built for greatness. 


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