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About Me

Hi, I'm Stacey Steinmiller. Psychotherapist turned coach, my mission is to help people upgrade to their lives by seeing clearly who they are and what they are not. I am an expert at helping people to relate to themselves in a whole new way. When you are able to improve how you relate to yourself, you change how you relate to the whole world. I help people move beyond doubt, fear, worry, anxiety, anger, and all emotions and behaviors that is causing you to feel stuck. I incorporate what I've learned as a therapist into a coaching framework to cut to the source of the issues and help you move beyond the small mind. 

Why You Should Join Us

Radical evolution brings together self-reflective people who desire to be the best versions of themselves to learn effectives way to better respond to their emotions, break old patterns of behavior, and step into a higher level of consciousness so that we can experience peace in our minds, connection in our hearts, and stability in our bodies.

What will I gain from being a part of your group?

1. Support with your goals and visions

2. Skills and tools to get out of your own way

3. Clarity on your values, purpose, and mission in life

4. A sense of freedom and relief from old patterns and unwanted ways of being

5. An increased capacity for giving and receiving love, compassion, and connection

6. A sense of groundedness within yourself and a decreased dependency on the external world. 

7. An ability to accept reality for what it is, while simultaneously creating the reality that you desire. 

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